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We don’t really get what great masters say, because we are unaware that we are already aware. When a teacher says, “step back” and you step back, and you say, “I see it”, you are witnessing it; when you step back, and say, “I am feeling sad”, you are it. You and the mind are not separate, and yet, you are not it. But you experience through and by it, hence no wonder the misunderstanding that you are it. And, that is ok.

As I’ve mentioned earlier, the mind is like a child, a kid. When the child trips, gets hurt and cries, and you feel the child’s hurt and sadness because he feels that way, do you sit down with the child and cry with him, or do you embrace the child and say, “hey, it’s ok… it’s ok… let me hear you out and love you.”

When you begin to do that, you allow that child, or rather, the mind in this case, to see that it is ok. And at the same time, you are also training the mind to see that it can nurture itself. It is like, bringing in the mother or the father quality to the mind for that child, because the child is lost – not knowing what else to do, where else to go hence it does what it only knows best to be in a better off state, at least for a while. When you begin to be there for yourself, as in the mind, the mind begins to learn to nurture too and conditions itself just like you, being a mother or a father to itself; in time to come.

Because you and the mind are not separated, it is like a hand glued to the board. Until you realise you can retract all of your other fingers, probably except one of the finger, because it is not separate from you and cannot be separated from you, you learn to detach from it and watch it. Here, you are witnessing it, observing it, investigating it, and learning from it. Until you realise it, it realises it, because it is not separate from you. Because you learned, the mind learns. For the sake of repetition – because you and the mind are not separated, yet you are not it. And if you keep doing that, you train the mind of this quality too… to witness, to observe, to learn, to realise and it naturally becomes a keen mind which witnesses, observes, learns and realises. Whatever you teach it, it will learn and operate that way. You are its Master – it has to keep up with you, that is why YOU are so important.

The mind is inclined towards goodness I once heard, and I have come to see that it is. It just becomes lost in direction because it does not know any better. A participant asks me last night, “how? If I do not know better?” Well, ideas and here I mean, new ideas.

If I never told you that 2 x 2 can also equal to 4, you will never know. And if you can do 3 things out of this information that I’ve just given you. You can shun it away, take it as gospel truth or began to ponder, “wow… is that possible? Let me check it out!” and then you investigate. You observe and investigate and then you realise, “wow! 2 x 2 is equals to 4!” because you understand from it now. And then you get excited, and you will go forth to the next best person to tell him or her, “hey, you know, 2 x 2 can also equal to 4!!” and that is how the ripple effect is.

And when you begin to feel joyful, you can be sure that it is because the child is joyful. Again, if you are witnessing it, you are not it; and if you are it, you are no longer witnessing it. Either way, it is fine. You experience through it.

So it is like that, you have always been free, just that you didn’t know. And when you are free because you are witnessing it, and realise that the mind is not, you cannot experience freedom. So, you mould the mind towards the direction of freedom, so that you can experience that freedom. Again, when you are witnessing, you are not it, but when you are it, you experience through it.

You will know how free the mind is when you begin to observe what surrounds you, whatever that is within your awareness and how you feel about it, through the mind. The mind can only project what it is, and if you put it in the level of form, it can only attract what it is. That is how law of attraction works. Projection is perception. Without perception, there is no world, no experience. And there is only 2 laws in this world – the Law of Love or the Law of Fear; whichever law you ascribe to, that will mould your perception, hence your reality, your world. Either way is fine, but what is it that you wish to experience?

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