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Who am I?

When you ask me who am I,
and I say, “I am”,
I am no longer I
but who I am;
identified, named and labelled,
limited by an image you contort.

When I look at you
from here;
The moment I speak,
I no longer speak
from where I saw you;
but still with constant recognition,
in order to convey words to you –

Of how lovely you are…
How very much loved you are…
How very adored you are…

Yet you will not know I
but who I am;
identified, named and labelled;
which is not I.
You will think me as a someone,
differentiated and apart from you,
and yet not see.

Still. Silence.
Beyond what surrounds and is in front of you;
what is perceived, meaning-ed;
beyond what is an image, an identity, a name, a label…
You need no more to ask me
who am I,
but simply know.

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