The Evolution of the Mind

If one was to observe the features of new technology coming up into the market, one will notice how it is symbolic to the evolution of the mind. Each item invented or rather manifested into the world arises from the creation of the mind and as the mind evolves, the more creative it gets, hence the inspired ‘toys’ we get around these days.

The iPhone, being one of the most common commodities around these days is a sheer example of how the mind works. The other day, a loved one was requesting for a torch light in the midst of working in the dark. Having remembered that the iTunes store had such apps, I downloaded the required app for the torch light feature. It was amazing. The download was less than 2 minutes, thanks to TM’s unifi and that’s it, the iPhone can now function as a torch light. Mind you, it functions pretty well too!

And recalling this incident, I can’t help but be amazed by how similar the iPhone is with the mind. Just a touch of an app being downloaded into the system, and that’s it, it’s done! Liken the ideas programmed in the mind. The only difference of course is that with iPhone, just one touch and the whole programme is deleted where else with the mind, it can take ages if one is not able to arrive at the right understanding of such programming.

Those who own an iPhone will tell you how they are highly unlikely not able to live without their phones; and the phone is something that we can choose to carry around or not. This commodity has somehow won its place as a very important accessory on us. The mind, on the other hand, is something that we can’t shake off and what life is being made out of and yet, seldom do we show interest in how it works so that we may learn and eventually derive what we wish to experience from it. It is like we are simply accepting its programming without much discernment. Like someone simply giving us an iPhone, or any gadget whatsoever, with some sort of pre-programming already and we just simply use it without questioning it or even with an effort of wanting to learn its features so that we may use it to its optimum level. In this case of the mind is exactly that, we never get to know it, hence never be able to bring its function to its optimum level.

Clearly, to start understanding the mind is to start observing it. And to observe it, is to take a step back and watch its own dance internally without reacting to it, and here I am meaning to say, not to judge it. It is easy to feel disgusted or disheartened when we witness some really challenging stuff the mind displays internally, and if there is identification with the mind, self judgement is unavoidable. So, in this case, it is best to invite oneself to even, recognise the judgement if it does arise. No point the continuous self bashing just because of an earlier statement of ‘not to judge it’. If it has arisen, then let it. Simply acknowledge it and then allow is to rest again. Even if it does not rest, allow it and simply recognising it as it is, instead of identifying with it. There is a difference. You can only recognise something apart of you, only in this case, it seems to be within you and identifying with it means you are it!

So next time to bring yourself back into awareness, simply ask yourself, if you are the iPhone at this moment, or not!

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