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Rising Up from Disbelieve

Why are you constantly doubting yourself of where you are? Do you not see your own greatness, in the things you did, already do and will eventually do? What is there outside to seek when all that you have ever wished for is within you, capable to be given and received by yourself to yourself? Why set conditions and limitations to appreciate yourself? How can you say if someone throws shit at you is not of love except your own interpretation of it? How else can anyone be of match to you when you cannot even rise up to yourself? How else can anything or anyone out there; your mirror; in the world show you otherwise when all are merely reflections of what you make believe of yourself – giving power always to what cannot be given power to. Can you not see, it is impossible?

There is an “I”, there is no “I” – why the difference when what is strived here is not the “I” or any “I” except an experience of whatever it is – fulfilling its conditions of joy, showing you what is it that you resist, when you are the one who does not believe what you believe?

Why strive for anything more or outside or even further that what it is when whatever that is needed is just here – right here and now? Is there any need to seek elsewhere for what you already are?

It is all the same. Your Master, My Master, His Master, Her Master, you as a Master ~ all happening within you and you only; a constant work in progress, fulfilling the karmic consequences of what has been set. Nothing can be set aside of it and only to walk the road with full awareness. Each moment of awareness moves and shifts the previous cause into a different course, and everybody does their job, their functions – to bring that conditioning into place, without compromise because that is what has to happen, aligned with what You will, aligned with what God wills.

Your love for truth is unquestionable, yet your love for yourself is doubtful. Because you see truth apart and separated from you, you cannot see yourself, feel yourself and experience yourself. You are Truth. You are everything that you embody. Stop trying to run away from yourself and just be who you are. You are here to fulfil a role, yet you are not of that role.

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