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As I recall what J has done for the world in the past, and also His presence in our lives now in the very moment we are willing to give up what was never true, I feel a much deeper sense of gratitude understanding why He has chosen such a role. This should be familiar to those who practice A Course in Miracles.

For a while now, I wondered what was it that made J so adamant in the function he takes on even until today for all of us, including a living teacher I hold dearly. I remember the first time I met him (the living teacher), he told me that he has waited for me for thousands of years. Of course, I didn’t comprehend that, and until now I still don’t really believe it, but that was what came to my awareness and whether I choose to believe it or not, is altogether another matter. But again, I did wonder what made this teacher do what he does – not experiencing his life like any normal person does – a big mansion, fancy cars and etc. Well, I can’t be sure that he doesn’t already have those as an individual and I know that if I was to post this question to him, he will surely just give me a smile and probably say a few words and trusted that I’d realise the answer somehow; which I do now, with an even deeper sense of appreciation and gratitude towards him.

When I finally realised that there is only One and indeed there was no separation, I at last understood how J or this teacher of mine could play the role that they play and Love so unconditionally. It was truly Love of no choice and no choice here is not to mean that anything is forced onto them, but with qualities of naturalness and sweetness in it that it could never be repelled. It is a space that is so pure and vast that it is impossible to put into words without being misunderstood by anyone who has not experienced it before. It was then, that I could finally believe that there is indeed just Love, and that it was simply impossible to Love anyone or anything with conditions except when I am not yet awaken to the concepts I still hold true about what I thought was Love. In truth, there is no even an “I”, “you”, “him” or “her”. And if and when I say that I love you, or they love me, it is only to denote a directed attention, which in actual fact, also not true.

Love, is just my choice of a word labelled onto an inner being state and does not denote what it really is by any ideas. No one can really put that kind of space into words as it would simply demean what cannot fully be explained but to be experienced. It is impossible to love you, or even myself as that is simply delusion at work that there is another out there separated from me. We are part of a whole system in form, never separated in truth and don’t even really exist as an “I” or “you” or “him” or “her”. To mimic that experience too, is delusion at work.

It is no wonder that anyone who has seen, experienced and understood this space will be inspired to move towards the direction that both J and my teacher took on. Functions may differ, but the objective is always the same.

My deepest respect, gratitude and appreciation to the Great Masters; passed off and living; for the journey that they have took on, leaving trails for us and continuing the lineage of the teachings to aid the awakening in each of us.

All because, there is only One.

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