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The husband has died for quite some time now, though not acknowledged until much, much later. Because if the husband is still alive, then the wife can exist to depend on the husband for love and security of all sorts.

Today, only did I realise, the two teachers had died too. Probably, the teachers had died for quite some time now too but also not acknowledged; because if they were still alive, the student can live to continue her existence to seek answers and approval from the teachers.

The crowd is getting smaller… there is no husband to seek love and security from, no teachers to seek approval or answers from.

Hard fact to swallow, but then again, where is the world but in the mind?

I wonder, who will be next? The child? Ahem, perhaps ā€œIā€?

5 Responses to “Died”

  1. Destroyer says:


  2. sifuhoh says:

    The quality of your life is determined by how
    you feel at any given moment. How you feel is determined by how you interpret what is happening around you, not by the events themselves.

    — Brian Tracy

    • GG says:

      How true. And what is interpreted is determined by ideas, collected data along the course of experiences, learned – and that, is what has to die, or rather, died.

  3. malik says:

    what is eternal can never die as there was never a birth….

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