Losing Idols

When J says to lose idols, he did not mean to stop having or cease to have for that is beyond control; but to realize that idols are not what fulfils and is not what you truly want. What he meant was to lose the middleman, and to start here with yourself – acknowledging what you have always wanted is here, within you, now.

Idols are made out of ideas, concepts from a space of which you think you lack – and idols, while their functions are not for what you think it is for – are merely nothing, including that of which you think you are. The you that He refers to is not you as the body but as who you truly are; which is beyond this body hence the body, as in your body of which you think you are, including of your ideas, views and identity too, are not excluded in the category of idols.

His meaning of losing idols, is not to mean ‘leave’ or to ‘give up’ anyone or anything but to leave, give up and dissolve the meaning of what you put onto yourself, your brothers and sisters, an experience, a situation, a material or circumstance as they are all void of the essence that could ever complete you, amidst their already pronounced function. And to define them to suit the needs of which you think would fit the bill is to tell the Creator you are in charge and that you know best.

If it is true that you know best then why would you weep when idols fail you? For you must surely know by now that what you want is what you get. Perhaps you know what you want but thought otherwise hence the suffering of the confused mind, not aligned with what is it that is willed.

Seek within is to mean that what you are seeking for is already yours, and what would compel that you seek outwards is but the belief that you do not have it and thus rely on idols to bring you what you thought you needed or did not have. It is either you have amnesia or lack the courage to truly give yourself what you want, thus finding a scapegoat of which you would call an idol to strip you off what you already have and yet thought it was not there. Here still, you do not realise that no one can take away from you what is forever yours and is only yours to claim. Claim too, is a wrong word to use as it means that it was once lost. It was never lost, but unseen and what is unseen is not and never lost, only temporarily forgotten in innocence; to be reminded again.

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