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Returning to Peace

Peace is the closest word, if not the chosen word to the un-wavered state of non-movement and stillness. It is not really a feeling though it feels like it, so it would be wise not to conclude that when there are triggers, peace is gone or that there is no peace.

Peace is not something that is reinstated but just clouded for a while in the midst of mind’s turmoil and or rather, when we are identified with the turmoil. Hence the saying ‘be at peace with it’ is to mean that we no longer resist the mind’s turmoil and naturally become dis-identified with the turmoil hence joins with the state of peace with the mere acceptance of the situation.

So some people say that they are unable to accept the turmoil, then accept the non-acceptance of the turmoil hence coming back to join with the state of peace.

The reason why there are moments when there is peace and moments when we feel turmoil is because of the switch of mind states but does not necessarily mean that you are joined with the state of peace. It only means that we are where we are.

Yet, when there are moments when there is peace amidst the turmoil and moments when it is clearly the turmoil that is being experienced, is because awareness is unable to remain aware of the turmoil for a long period of time but joins with it once again, so to speak.

The reason why awareness joins with it is because awareness is not aware, as in the sustenance of the awake or aware state is not strong hence it goes back into not being aware, as it is said to be asleep.

Thus to remain awake is a constant effort though after a while, the effort of it becomes tense. Yet if awareness is aware of the ‘effort’ so to speak, it becomes awake again hence it is a consistent practice to the point of perfection that it remains aware all in all of its moment. It is like this, there is either a witnessing, or a total immersion.

Again, all are only words used. Any words that can be humanly defined are bound to be interpreted or misconstrued. Don’t believe me; continue the practice and you will see.

2 Responses to “Returning to Peace”

  1. ally says:

    When you say “moments it is clearly the turmoil being experienced, is because the awareness is unable to remain aware of the turmoil” which in layman terms means one is unaware and therefore placing I in the pain and suffering follows. So each time to master the awareness is to look at the mind, without any I attaching to it ?

  2. GG says:

    Well, it is a yes and a no. “I” itself is as I-dentification in this case. It is not about attaching an “I” to anything but simply for what it is when awareness is unaware that the turmoil is not “it”, yet how can it be said that awareness is not the turmoil when it is “it”?

    Continuously be aware, and I cannot say with or without “I” attaching to it because there hasn’t really an “I” in the first place; and that too, depending on your understanding and meaning of “I”.

    It is in fact, the identification that makes “I”, the immersion that makes “I”, and hence an identity, or personality so to speak is born equating ro the birth of “I” only but constantly.

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