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Run By Perceptions

Everything here
run by perceptions

Onto self
onto others
what is formless
not left out

That ‘thing’
which is not really a ‘thing’
but named a ‘thing’
separated out from wholeness
defined by ‘colors’
and intensity of its sub-origin
then named ‘a tree’
and it is ‘green’
and so on and so forth

Liken the nature of mind
attracting its own kind
its intensity
cannot be seen as it is
but defined
from comparison
from consequence
of other experiences
also defined

Like words, actions, views
all conjured and conditioned
by past learning and experiences
ancient, ancient ideas
that are somewhat difficult
though still possible
to shine light upon

How to meet
with meanings apart from each other
how to understand
if not to listen

Listening not to the words
but to the heart of the soul
where words only mean to direct
but not it
pointing to what is,

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