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The Midpoint

When one is misunderstood
Surely there is another that misunderstands
Hence the arising of the accused
Accompanying the birth of the plaintiff

Like one that is defined responsible
The emergence of the irresponsible
The rich & the poor
The beautiful & the ugly

Like extreme heat is actually coldness
Like extreme coldness is actually heat
As its opposite end
Brought back into one

What is there to argue
What is there to blame
When all in all is just a dance of its own
A dance of two in one

Nothing leaves the mind
Hence ending in the mind
When truth is revealed
Intimacy regains

One cannot regain control
When un-control is present
And balance cannot be restored
When control and un-control have not met

While many is perceived lost
Yet what is lost is always found
Found only in its midpoint
The balance of Love & Truth
Where and when the Lover & The Beloved meets.

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