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Those who are sensitive often feel weak. Those who feel strong are often insensitive.

Some people are sensitive to themselves but insensitive to others . They often feel the others are “bad guys.”

Those who are sensitive to others but not to themselves often end up feeling Poor me.

Some conclude it’s better not to be sensitive, because sensitivity brings pain. They shut off. But mind you, if you are not sensitive, you will lose all the finer things in life too – intuition, beauty and ecstasy of love.

Insensitive people usually do not recognize their weakness .And those who are sensitive do not recognize that their sensitivity is their strength .

This path and this Knowledge make you strong and sensitive .

Sensitivity is intuition. Sensitivity is compassion. Sensitivity is love. Sensitivity is real strength: calmness, endurance, silence, non-reactiveness, confidence, faith and a smile.

Be both sensitive and strong.

~ Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

5 Responses to “Be both SENSITIVE & STRONG”

  1. Cold Bottom says:

    easier said than done… trust me

    • GG says:

      Dear Cold Bottom, welcome! 🙂

      Indeed it is easier said than done hence the repetition by the wise and the necessity to continue the practice. To practise here is not to mean to mimic this quality but rather to identify what disallows us to be such a way; hence, when identified, this quality becomes natural, rather than one who ‘tries’ to be.

      • Cold Bottom says:

        True, but the only way the qualities can be come natural is to learn from ones mistakes. I have lived on both sides of the picture. Read my blog, i think i am a good example of this message.

        • GG says:

          That is how the mind works, swinging from one end of the pendulum to the other end; seldom, hardly in its middle – always, always, either this, or that; yet the truth is that it is neither this not that. Neither are you, until you identify with it.

  2. Purpledee says:

    can I click “Like” here… I support your thoughts, GG!

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