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A Little More…

The illusion attempts to create an illusion making an illusionary illusion to make you illusionarily think that there is a closest matter you hold in the heart – memories, a person, a thing – ANYTHING – to prevent reality. It is as if, you are right at the door, and the next step forward is IT – where there you would arrive; yet it is clever and builds enticing, delicious storylines, hence making what seemed trivial – big, lovely – fearful, near – far, unconditional – conditional; creating a sense of lack and emptiness so to speak to prevent you from moving on.

The illusion gives illusionary reasons why you are not ready, illusionary reasons to have you believe that you have illusonarily not yet fulfilled what is also illusionarily thought were not fulfilled. And it has you illusionarily think you had illusionarily thought – still merely illusionary thoughts fed by the illusion, the very illusion itself, luring you to illusionarily believe that indeed there is still a illusionary tiny weeny bit part of the illusionary you that you illusionarily had not yet done or not yet accomplished, thus illusionarily incomplete.

But if you could, surrender that illusionary ‘incompleteness’ which is in truth fabricated by lies to hold you back and surrender too, all the other illusionary reasons that it conjures which you illusionarily might think it is thought by you that supports why you should not surrender, and surrender too, that part of you which you think you cannot let go, and even surrender to the not wanting to surrender… you are free once again in that moment, to take the next step, which is in fact no step at all, but merely reinstated to where you have always been.

It is just that little bit left…

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