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Spirit in Love

the illusion of love
and all its other concepts
fed by stories told
heard and seen

a seeming fairytale born
how matter is spared
sweet incidents
planned or impromptu

each moving to the sound of heartbeat
go forth or stay still
perhaps to step back – safer
each consequence telling a story

the vision of the beloved
she does not move
then suddenly
she utters a word or two…

the sight of the corpse
reasons confusion
the sight of the spirit
echoes back

a whirling ceremony
the waltz of mind
the tug and the thrust
in each synchronised pulse

the show slows down
signifying serene end
will you let it simmer calmly
or agitate a roaring finish?

still, when the walls melt away
after the fire hiss absent
what is remained
is unspoken bond

myth may transpire
but hearts finally know
even when the hands no longer touch
spirit already joined.

One Response to “Spirit in Love”

  1. hortuckloon says:

    never left
    never came
    never existed
    never born



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