Unique Path

Yesterday, a participant shared with me that I was the first person that she had ever encountered to be able to see the workings of the mind without the practice of a formal sitting meditation, and she has come to see that there are many others like that too. It was a very interesting topic she brought up as just about two weeks ago, I shared with participants of a women circle that each of our inward journey is unique and different. While some aspire in formal sitting meditation, some practise A Course of Miracles, some loyal to the Work by Byron Katie, some merely living their lives moment to moment.

As J points out accurately, A Course in Miracles is not the only way but is the fastest way; yet while it is a Course for everybody, not everybody is for it (as in A Course in Miracles) and that doesn’t mean that anybody lose out on anything either. It is what resonates with each, at the core of their inner being and there is no matter of right and wrong.

So some people find fasting as one of the ways and some people don’t. Each of its own. What is there to compare or to follow? Now I am not implying that those who try out different methods will not benefit because surely there is always a thing or two to learn from there. While I find it interesting to explore different teachings but at the end of the day, it comes back to honouring thyself – what the inner voice asks of you.

I used to detest my partner for not stepping up onto the spiritual path with me – of course, purely from the space of ignorance. But each time I shared with him of what I had learnt or realised, I get stunned by his responses most of the time whenever he shared his point of views with me. While there was a part of me that recognised him as the mirroring of my growth, but yet I was totally at awe that without any formal spiritual practises or whatsoever that he was blessed with such divine wisdom! One of my common teachers was kind enough to let me in on my curiosity and I began to understand how each and every individual’s journey is indeed unique. I have come across people who tried to categorise me into some certain group, and categorise some others to some other groups, but it doesn’t really work that way although through the common traits, it is visible enough to capture which kind of teaching influences the path most.

Of course, courses are important. If not to explore, then how would one know which resonates the most or which path is suitable? My teacher did share with me that it is essential to stick to at least one practice or one teacher or one healer during the course of the journey because due to different perceptions, each meeting with different ones at the same time tend to derive different interpretations and one can get confuse. So when you find a teacher that you trust, stick to him or her; until, of course, you are ready for the next course of the journey. I was blessed that I found two, and listened to both whilst at the same time, listened to the inner voice. Maybe to some people, I might have grew faster, or slower… but does it matter since the journey is of my own? And in this case, also yours?

At the end of the day, the inner voice serves as the greatest teacher. Rather than follow the mass, why not listen discreetly and wisely discern what is the appropriate next move to take?

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