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Many people think that meditation belongs to the part of being spiritual.

Many people also think that meditation is sitting down, crossed legged, with eyes closed.

But that all, is only defining meditation in its own limiting concept.

If one could begin to question and experience what meditation is like,

without the limiting ideas of what has been told and taught,

one would then realise;

meditation is more than that,

spirituality is more than that;

in fact, but all of it,

as in life.

Here, I share with you an entry posted by a like-minded practitioner,

whom I do not know in person,

but yet recognise dear in the heart.

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Integration by Sharanam

One Response to “Meditation, as a Way of Life”

  1. In my own context, meditation does not revolve around sitting down and closing your eyes to meditate though some may say that it is easier because you are able to focus better with the eyes closed.

    But there are no right and wrong ways to meditate. Some may meditate whilst driving, walking, just sitting down looking at a particular object, etc. As long as they are comfortable with it, that’s good enough.

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