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Cycle of Creation

dancing flamboyantly
to the music of each bearing
each seeking out for another
completion of its sequence

each meet resonating
yet no compromise is fused
for the tainted cannot meet the untainted
there remains a space

until such is found
the missing piece of finishing
allowing the completion in sculpture
to be broken down again

such is its make-up
the bit, the whole, the ruts
Constructing – Whole – Destruction
back to nothingness – zilch – nil

an end as it eradicates
another beginning it inaugurates
closing off, initiating
all over again, and again…

2 Responses to “Cycle of Creation”

  1. malik says:

    creation..preservation..destruction…right from the microasm to macroasm,all go through the same process..the ultimate in perfect design and balance..when the mind is off balance,the design will self correct..simply amazing..dont you think so?

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