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Monthly Archive for May, 2011

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Working with What is Here

Where it hurts, I go back to the nearest point of source which can be grasped. Never mind that I have transcended, seen and realised the other hurts for what they are, but as long as I hurt now, seeing it as unreal will not help no matter how many times I tell and remind […]

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The Hidden Mother

Seen for what it is though still trapped. Where it is born emerges little babies irrelevant to its own yet fencing its existence. Can birth be conquered but to dandle with its babies one by one popping each baby though unrelated yet leading to each their internal birth. It is not to slay per se […]

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Differing Perspectives

A beloved sent me a YouTube titled ‘You Must Love Me’ performed by Madonna in one of her earlier movie, Evita. In his message was a comment, “so funny”. Recalling the meaning of the song, and also rekindling with the song once again, I could not comprehend why his comment was such ence I wrote […]

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What Imagination!

How ignorant, to think “I” create! Who is the “I” that thinks that “I” create?!? Misunderstood! Meaninglessness of words! Goodness Gracious! How ignorant can “I” be? Creation of Experience?!? Another blasphemy! Another profanity! Oh how am “I” fooled, to believe of such! “I” can never create, do “I” even know what “create” means?!? How hilarious! […]

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Have you noticed, seeing, hearing, breathing, tasting, touching all happening simultaneously without ‘you’ having to interfere with it liken to nature? But, looking, listening, the inhalation or exhalation, the flavours, the sensations are seemingly magnified somehow when attention is given to it? Likewise, Love – the word I have chosen is already inherent liken to […]

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I Love You More

To say I love you more than him, or her, or them, is a lie. But to express variance of intensity occurring, is truer. The intensity, what they have referred to as ‘love’ is not love; but a reverberation of mind qualities, magnified, amplified; perceived as ‘falling or fallen in love’. There are many possibilities […]

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Realised, Finally!

Laughters! Hilarious at realisation! The mirror – seemingly the opposite actually the same! Laughters, again! Hands wave up high in the air, then slap on flabby thighs; repeatedly, the stomach scrunch, taking turns with the arched back, tears streaming down the cheeks, the echo of “hahahahahahahahahaha…” Uproarious! How it was not seen, then grasped! Finally! […]

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The Devil

Your ego has to terrify you all the time, so that you can investigate and come home to yourself in the body. This is what we’re all here to live. When we aren’t attached to our thinking, when all the why’s, when’s, and where’s let go of us, then what really is becomes visible. ~ […]

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The Secret

It holds a secret dear yet the secret is not really a secret; an open secret it really is yet not known to those who not know. It speaks outright in openness not hinting, not hiding, not instigating; yet projections ridicule it as riddles oblivious to what it speaks. So it holds the secret dear […]

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