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Wash Wash!!

Dancing, dancing!!
Can you feel them all??
Hands in the air!!
Wings flip joyously!!
Skipping all in rhythm to this exceptional dance of wash!!

It is like a festival!!
A gala on its own!!
Making merry the euphoria!!
Wiping certain the slate ‘till clean!!
Can you hear the “squeak” “squeak” sound??
Can you hear the “woosh” “woosh” sound??
How exciting all this is already, to be in the Bath!!

The sparkling tint of nothing!!
Emptiness, hollowness, non-ness!
Ooooohhh…. can you hear my ecstatic scream!?!
Naked, nude and bare!!

I know how the feeling,
I know it doesn’t feel good;
Just be a little patient,
Without wanting otherwise!

It is great to be right here I tell you!!
Such marvellous delight to be here!!
And ooooohhh… what honour dear Beloved!!
To witness this de-coating!!

Just a wash-wash procedure!!
Where there is scrub-scrub, brush-brush and wipe-wipe!!
Later when the sun-dry routine is all done,
You will know what I mean!! 😀

One Response to “Wash Wash!!”

  1. alinagrace says:

    Starting from ground Zero and that’s where inspirations arises because the slate is clean and there’s no Past, no Future……na da!!!! 😀

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