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The Law

What do you want me for
when you say you need me?
You say,
as a friend
as a lover
as a companion.

Can you not see,
I am unavailable
for that.

for what you think
which you have not seen.

Without a choice,
I come
into your space;
you come
into my space.

with intent
what is ahead
is beautiful.

It is over
for me
the moment has passed.
Only a splendid dream
a fine dance
of what has happened
between you and me.

What are you still hanging on to?
An illusion with me in it
which I am not available for?

Can you not see,
it is beyond
what can be understood
until you realise.

keep misunderstanding
what I say, what I do.
Can you not see,
I am not concerned
what you say, what you think.

when you misunderstand
you keep seeking
in me
from me
what I cannot give you;
that is why
we can no longer ‘meet’*
have mistaken
what this is all about.

Rise Up!
Or Leave!
For there is no other way.
It is neither my choice
nor your choice
or anyone’s choice.

It is the Order
The Law
which makes it so.

*note:- ‘meet’ here is not to mean a conscious choice of physical meeting arising from wanting or not wanting; but to denote that the meeting between two (or more) is not possible due to conditions unfulfilled to the conscious wanting – or to rightfully put, conditions fulfilled in accordance to the subconscious/unconscious.

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  1. py says:

    Lovely poem….direct and clearly expressed

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