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The Way

I am ego
I am also, God;
I am ignorance
I am also, Wisdom;
I am the false
I am also, the Truth.

Where I would meet you
is where you would meet you;
Haven’t you noticed,
the “I” comes into play
when there is a “you”* playing out;
no choice in that.

All is kind
all is awesomely sweet;
amidst its delusions
the blade of light comes.
Slaying the unreal;
bringing untruth to truth
bringing truth to untruth;
whichever way, it is all just darn good.

It is always ego meeting ego
God meeting God;
From the Uncreated
forms the Creation,
in the Creation
disguising the Uncreated.

Have you noticed at all,
it is always dancing
always at peak
its playfulness!
It can cry, it can laugh
it can love and it can even hurt!
All part of the game
one on top of another!

I am the Way!
Have you realised this yet?
What is here and beyond
also part of the storyteller
telling its story.
What to do now?
Nothing to do!
Everything of it,
yet also nothing about it.

That is the cosmic joke, brother!
Have you got it yet?
Delusional? Awake?
Oh what a beautiful dream…

Note:* “you” here is to mean mind projection.

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