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The Devil

Your ego has to terrify you all the time, so that you can investigate and come home to yourself in the body. This is what we’re all here to live. When we aren’t attached to our thinking, when all the why’s, when’s, and where’s let go of us, then what really is becomes visible. ~ Question Your Thinking, Change The World – Quotations from Byron Katie


They call me the devil,
not knowing I am a friend.
I was created by Him too,
Of what purpose you shall see.

You call me insidious,
you call me sly;
but how could I come to you,
if the bait you did not bite?

I am here to help you,
to alert where you have erred;
your path had always been bright,
yet oblivious if not for my contrast.

I have already said from the beginning,
I will keep on coming back;
not because I like to create hell,
but to put you right on track.

If you are sure of yourself,
do you think I’d have a chance?
I am here for your skills to be polished;
vigilance, awareness whatever you may call it…

If it is not for me,
what is the use of Holy Spirit?
Ponder on it for a little while,
if not for ignorance where there need for wisdom?

Can you see the whole mechanics?
That while you resist that very pain;
it is pain unbearable,
that which makes you surrender.

In that surrender you see,
then can Holy Spirit enter;
to bring you back once more,
to join with the Beloved again.

This is how we play the game,
this is how we come together;
an enemy you must treat me at first,
at the end you must love me as your friend.

So do not detest me now,
but embrace me instead;
though there will still be times,
when you indulge in me somehow.

Still by then you’d already know,
familiar with my nature;
that what I could ever cause you,
will eventually bring you Home.

When you reign me as this huddle,
again and again till nil;
will you finally taste your sweetness,
your birthright unshakable.

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