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I Love You More

To say I love you more than him, or her, or them,
is a lie.
But to express variance of intensity occurring,
is truer.

The intensity,
what they have referred to as ‘love’
is not love;
but a reverberation of mind qualities,
magnified, amplified;
perceived as ‘falling or fallen in love’.

There are many possibilities and conditions arising to it,
each fulfilling a purposeless purpose
of routed conditions,
of a will –
a dance;
so to speak.

beyond that
of what mind
can comprehend until realized;
in cognizance;
is Love,
that Unconditional Love;
despite all conditions
which is conditioned
by the mind
within the mind,
as Love.

It is not about a you, a him, a her or them,
not even a me or an ‘I’,
though perceived and experienced
as that.

For, there is none;
and it is beyond what can be envisioned
or explained
but to be realized.

So, even if it seems
as if in form,
there are two, three or even four…
do not be deceived,
as there is none
whilst there is many.

all merely
equating and leading to One.

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  1. Connie Tee says:

    Hi Geraldine,

    I have been reading your writings on Journaling Truth since past few months and enjoyed them very much.

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