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What Imagination!

How ignorant,
to think “I” create!
Who is the “I” that thinks that “I” create?!?
Meaninglessness of words!
Goodness Gracious!
How ignorant can “I” be?

Creation of Experience?!?
Another blasphemy!
Another profanity!
Oh how am “I” fooled,
to believe of such!

“I” can never create,
do “I” even know what “create” means?!?

How hilarious!
What a joke!
What a prank!
What a fairytale “I” has believed it to be!

“I” has misunderstood it all!
How naive! How oblivious!
What has “I” got to do with creation,
if at all there is a creation?!?

Indeed, it is creation that makes “I”!
But what and who creates?
In that subtlest, distinct sense!
Have you noticed yet?
Have you seen it yet?

Another delusion!

All by itself!

What has “I” got to do with it
except to see it for what it is!

Another cosmic joke, brother!
Another bogus!
Without Wisdom,
what an imagination to have lived!

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