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The Hidden Mother

for what it is
though still trapped.

Where it is born
emerges little babies irrelevant to its own
yet fencing its existence.

Can birth be conquered
but to dandle with its babies
one by one
popping each baby
though unrelated
yet leading to each their internal birth.

It is not to slay per se
as to kill in violence
but through understanding
each of its restless cry out
to be acknowledged
can death then begin
in its cycle of destruction
on its own
perishing one by one
revealing its irrelevant yet relative mother.

Oh mother, mother
how about just revealing thyself
and in fullness you shall be embraced
taken and breathed in
in wholeness.

For it was only then not seen
for purpose taken as real
coupled with self judgment
and the worrisome approval seeking.

Show yourself mother, show yourself!
Ready now mother
to release you.

Let me hear you mother
hide now no more
what has been kept ancient
let me hold you and show you
how it was just an error
that innocence never left.

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