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Passing Uncertainty

She said “good luck”
and another asked, “is it necessary?”

To be honest
I don’t know.

Surely, they must be reflecting
the inner world
of the doubt
fleeting its unsureness.

Where to go from here
why am I worried
why the weariness
if not to trust?

If I have put my life on His plate
why do I ponder
how else to go forth?

You told me, “I am afraid to lose you”
also in assurance, “but I know you are always here for me.”
and I tell you the same.

Because of the comfort we are both in
unwilling yet willing to move beyond this.

the subtle resistance has visited
a hanging on to a past projected picture
a future painted certain
within the dream of dreams.

do we wish for certainty
of some man-made rules
or do we follow the inner voice
that says, “move, dear Beloved…”

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