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Me & ‘YOU’

imagine, imagine
I am so consumed by Me
~ Love ~
bursting each moment
by Myself
amusing Myself
with Myself!

I chuckle
I laugh
I squeal in delight
and then suddenly realising
I cannot see Myself,
“shucks, I am the only One!”

I then create a reflecting glass
so that I can see Myself
ooooh… I am so in Love!
Whatever I do
it does right back at me!
I touch Myself
I kiss Myself
that reflection, mimicking!
So much vanity!

I chuckle again
I laugh again
I squeal in delight again
and then I murmur
“I love!!”
it echoes back in the same moment!
then again realising
“shucks, I am the only One!”

Then another tiny mad idea crept in
I am oh so powerful and creative
I create another ‘me’
call ‘me’ a ‘YOU’
and will ‘YOU’ to reflect ‘I’
at each moment
of what is wished!

only, only
to make it more fun
I give ‘me’ also ‘YOU’
the same, the equivalent
I love ‘YOU’ that much
I love ‘YOU’ so much
and then create a continuous passage of continuum
so to experience to and forth!

It was so fun
it was so hilarious
I chuckle
I laugh
I squeal in delight
and then suddenly wondering
whether it’d be more fun
if I’d forget!?!

Another tiny mad idea
forget, forget, forget
and then another tiny mad questioning
what if I forget forever?

simple simple
so, so powerful and creative
another ‘me’ to remind ‘me’
another ‘me’ of angels, devas and masters
to help ‘me’ remember Me – all of ‘me’s
which I name as Salvation!!
wonderful, wonderful creation
What a movie to act on!

Thus split, split, split
tiny mad ideas
of creativity turned creation
manifesting in stories
of lovers and beloveds
in mass and in twos
in twos and in one.

when awaken from the dream…
aikes!! So many of ‘me’s “trapped”!!
What are “you” doing there?
What is “me” doing here?

Gone bonkers, bonkers!!
Every “me” acting so mysteriously
as if they no longer recognise Me…

So I sit back and chill
and watch the movie thoroughly
experiencing the lover and the beloved
in mass, in twos
in Me.

The accretion of encounters
each fed by individuality, creativity and wondrous evolution
I still chuckle
I still laugh
I still squeal in delight
oooh… love, love, love….
delicious, yummy, ecstatic…

All of ‘YOU’


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