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Strangely enough
why is it necessary
to be the damsel in distress
in order to be cared for
in the world?

As if
the wise old spirit
can only do all the caring
undeserving of being cared for
strangely enough.

This ancient pattern
causing the hollowness in the heart.

The tug of war
between needing to be cared for
and transcending the need to be cared for
the imagined loneliness

Seemingly nullified by words of wisdom
only a facade
feelings and experience set aside.

Oh, wise old spirit
turned damsel in distress
suppressing vulnerability
burying the need to be cared for
unable to utter
what is in the heart
sustaining a disguise
of what is known
perceived by others
insensitive to her own.

The dam broken
braving the expression
enabling perhaps
the space in honesty
where some other can step forth
available for the damsel
to be cared for

isn’t it the path of liberation
to transcend all needs of others
in self-sufficiency
the rotation
fulfilment within?

Such paradox
in this world of existence
the arousal of
loving, caring, touch
returned with
being loved, being cared for, being touched
such importance
relating another
requiring another
yet is it possible
without another
lest in the path of celibacy?

Oh, wise old spirit
turned damsel in distress
stay, stay, stay
inquire, inquire, inquire
within, within, within
stay only true
in willingness, in honesty
for the love of truth
remember, remember, remember!

The wise old spirit
turned damsel in distress
fallen asleep
trapped in the dreaming once more
in anguish, agony
until realised
once again.

Sighs… she is, after all, still human treading on the journey…

2 Responses to “The Wise Old Spirit turned Damsel in Distress”

  1. renaye says:

    sigh. life is bittersweet and fill with uncertainties …

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