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The Mirror as the Same

How can the mirror
show you the opposite
save to reflect exactly
where you are.

You ask me how is it the same
for the object mirror
is showing only the opposite
as in duality
the good and the bad
the right and wrong
the beautiful and the ugly
the haves and the have-nots.

And I tell you it is the same
for the mirror perceived as opposites
is only because the exact is still not seen
perceived by the limited conscious mind coined out by views of separated-ness
oblivious to what is seeded
in the unlimited subconscious mind.

Meditation, constant observation and inquiry
allows you to get closer
to what is not yet met
with love, acceptance and understanding.

And until you see the same
of which the mirror is showing you
once perceived as the opposite
the mirror also showing you
exactly where you are.

The mirror
always meeting you where you are
such a splendid magical dance
the steps of cha-cha, rhumba, tango or waltz
whatever you wish to call it
each unique on its own
only known to the willing.

And until it is met
in whole
you will find the mirror
no longer a mirror
where the mirror as the other
ceases to be another
but you in the mirror
as you
seeing yourself there.

No longer opposites
but the same
not even a reflection
but simply
dancing, dancing
to the will of one
that one dance
as One.

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