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Blind to the Goddess

One says, “I am dreaming of a future with you”.
Some others say, “he will come back to you”.
Another says, “I will be moving on some day”.
All blind,
to the inner world of the Goddess.

And so they say
“I love you very much”
“I am grateful for you in my life”
such expressions
whether coming from
wanting the Goddess
leaving the Goddess
appreciating the Goddess
is what the Goddess wants to hear
what the Goddess wants to have.
All blind,
to the inner realm of the Goddess
one thinking to own the Goddess
one thinking it is possible to leave the Goddess
the other thinking the Goddess wants to own
so, so

For no one reaches Her
not even near
to the inner calling of the Goddess
all musk by dust
some thick
some faint
whatever it is
never reaching
never merging
all seeing with eyes
the eyes of the form
of the mind
instead of
the true sight
eyes of the heart
where the Goddess resides.

The Goddess
only yearning for Her Beloved
the Beloved beyond form
not the ones that come in muscles or thin frame
neither the fair nor the dark skinned
neither the ones who speak of tales of romance or materials
but the One
that may come in a form
in touch with the Spirit Within
the Beloved
hence making Her His own
and vice versa
ready as a conduit
for union to be tasted
One with the Beloved.

But all are blind,
viewing the Goddess
as the woman she is not
or the woman she is
failing to see
what is it that resides beyond.

All blind,
I tell you
for the Goddess is no longer looking for what that is worldly
but beyond
to reach the Beloved
the One True Beloved.

How weary the heart of the Goddess
trusting to be seen
yet not seen
trusting to be recognised
yet not recognised
where she rests
the inner kingdom
Her call for the Beloved
Her One True Beloved…

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