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Expecting to be Recognised

Pondering deeply
how you do not recognise me
naturally inquiring
why I had needed you to recognise me
realising finally
how I had stood so nastily righteous
expecting you to recognise me
when I myself do not recognise you.

Why does it matter
if you recognise me or not
save for an escape to the space
to be acknowledged
to rest in safety
of who I am, where I am and what I am
indeed such great delusion
how I keep running round in circles.

I am expecting you
to know where I am coming from
when I myself cease to notice how
I do not know where you are coming from
from that
throwing out words of accusation
totally ignorant of this dire selfishness
not of the sacred kind
but the malicious type
hurting and hitting you in the midst
of wanting, seeking from the outer
which I should have long remembered
is hopeless to begin with.

‘O dear Teacher
‘O dear Lover
‘O dear Brother
‘O dear Sister
forgive me of my ignorance
for I sometimes forget
that it is not the outer that matters
but what is inner
deep within Self
that gives me all answers
the solace that I seek.

I sit at my feet
at the same time
bowing at yours in modesty
kissing them
not in shame or disgrace ‘O dear beloveds
but highlighting the grace you have bestowed upon me
bringing me back here once again
balancing within
once more.

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