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When you hang on to your view, which naturally disables your ability to expand your own understanding thus creating a right and wrong, a holier than thou attitude, at the same time establishing an illusionary hierarchy with the other, you have put yourself back into the prison cage which you had fought so hard to break free from. To agree to disagree is merely an attempt to keep what is true to you from a sense of righteousness accompanied by an expectation to be respected at the same time expecting others to do the same. This is using peace as a camouflage to hide the move away from the other in the inner world. You have then separated yourself from the other and obscure oneness in your space.

When you keep an open non-judgemental attitude instead, by truly listening to the other especially when the opinion or perception of the other seems opposing to yours, at the same time not concluding the understanding of either, you allow new information to come to you for deeper learning and further growth, hence expanding your own horizon of how you view everything. In that space of openness you not only gain more insights but at the same time, learn more about another and begin to experience intimacy in that field where mind meets mind and become one. There is a deep sense of appreciation and gratitude that arises naturally from insights and realisations gain supported by the sincere understanding of others’ experiences and this is indeed a gift, we can give to one another.

This can only be attained by open-mindedness.

And open-mindedness is, Wisdom itself.

Yet, to expect the other to have the same open-mindedness is another delusional separation at work.

Stay mindful. Stay aware. Stay Open.

Your clarity is all that matters.

2 Responses to “Opening Up Your World of Views”

  1. Psychotic Angel says:

    Hi G.. The end part about expecting others to have the same open-mindedness is a delusion is so true…
    My new phrase of the month.. ” I am ondeway “…….

  2. GG says:

    And soon you will arrive. Make sure you wait for me ok? Haha! *winks*

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