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No Longer Need for Words

true enough
words are no longer needed
not that there are no more words to converse
except that it is no longer necessary

and strangely
in that silence
in not investigating, not understanding, not watching
something emerges
beyond explanation
that can only be manifested into a smile
a kind of smile
where those who see
imprints in the mind
yet camouflaged by some wonderment
already knowing
though in denial

the fools need a well of words
those seen could no longer speak
for whatever that speaks
taints that very moment
and in a break of silence
something else emerges as abolishment
seemingly perishing what is beyond the manifested

yet far beyond it
and these are the only words that could be spoken
when silence broken
not that it is gone
except stepping out of the curtains
to speak a word or two

and yet not to speak
it somehow seems awkward
if not insane
and yet when it is spoken
it can no longer truly relate

if you ask it ‘why’
the closest honest answer that can be echoed back is
‘I don’t know’
it is entirely new
somehow familiar
yet indescribable by words
because there is no longer a need for words.

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