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Isn’t it madness
that I have to do something for you
you have to do something for me
in order
for you to love me
for me to love you.

As if
if there is nothing done
from or for either one of us
Love has gone out of the door
nothing left
and what remains
is a strange occurrence of
I don’t mean a thing to you
you don’t mean a thing to me.

Any scenario
it is always a
what’s in it for me
what’s in it for you
without that
as if nothing happened
and we both pass each other by
very much like strangers
even though deep within us both
the profound recognition resides.

there is something here for me
there is something here for you
it is like
suddenly we have become best mates
when you are seemingly threatening to take something away from me
when I am seemingly wanting to take something away from you
all of what was before
what love, what appreciation, what peace, what joy, what happiness, what well wishes
just no longer matter.

Like animals we become
only a little smarter
with insidious planning
of how to scheme and move you or me away
by moving very much closer to you or me
like the saying
‘keep your enemies closer’
we have suddenly turned to beasts
awaiting for that silent kill
to eliminate either you or me
to taste that delicious victory.

But yet again, what is this all about?
Is it really about you or me?
or is it something else that we are both
unwilling to look
perpetuating this wanting to keep each other away?

Ancient, ancient stories
repeated, replayed, recycled
here we talk about liberation
and there we scheme to keep the defilements
yet, do we have a choice
when what is unseen still not seen
save to play this sinister game with each other
again and again
you killing me
me slaying you
whether physically, mentally or emotionally?

Do you not see beloved?
It is now time to strip naked
and until I am willing to see what’s in me
and you are willing to see what’s in you
can we then put this game to halt
yes, it is for happiness
yes, it is for joy
yes, it is for peace
yes, it is for freedom
yes, all for the love of TRUTH!!

Can we now begin to take responsibility?
Can we now begin to look within?
Can we now begin things a little differently
from what was never done before?
And come back into ourselves
once more
where there is where we are headed for anyway
except a little deluded in the past
except forgotten a little
but now slowly, clearly remembering…

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