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Word Barrier

The words used need not matter.

Whether it is “I”, “I am”, “God”, “Awareness”, “Awakefulness”, “Wisdom”, “True Self”, “non-self” or whatever that is commonly or uncommonly used in the spiritual context, of an inward journey.

It does not change a thing, except create further barriers by language, also culturally distorted by each’s conditioning.

Has it not been said – do not believe anything except when it resonates with your own common sense?

And do you notice, when it is spoken – ‘your’ or ‘you’, how the ‘I’ emerges once again?

It is not about getting rid of the “I”, or not putting an “I” to anything – it is about understanding how the “I” comes about. And it is like an “I” understanding “I”. But then again, which is which? Is it possible to discern? You will know, eventually.

Some people say again and again, there is no “I” and there is separation again… can you ever escape from the “I” without speaking, without relating, without touching, without seeing? And even to say, “We are One” it has to be two “I”s to become one. Isn’t it strangely paradoxical? And just to denote “non-I”, other words are put in – like God, Wisdom, Awareness, Awakefulness… to cover up the “I” who is speaking, relating, touching, seeing. Again, just words and languages. Each trying their utmost best to express what it is, but yet impossible to be grasped without ever being able to be fully understood, isn’t it? And the more each tries, it just creates more barriers. And do you not see, “each” itself – is that not that “I”?

“I” is alright, whether it is later on referred to as Higher Self, God, Wisdom, Awareness or what have you. Just understand the “I”, and that is enough. And perhaps to communicate, just briefly sound out what does “I” means so that the illusionary separation due to language barrier can be lifted off the already illusionary separation of what is to be communicated between the illusionary two who seems to be separate.

It is really ok. Strive, but not too hard. For who is striving, who is trying? When the full stop happens, in the midst of the passing motions, something wonderful happens.

Use your own common sense.

Listen attentively, but discern.

Discern carefully, but stay open.

Because, words are merely words, and in that certain space of silence and vastness, no longer are words needed and all is just simply understood and realised.


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