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Which is Which?

Each thought like a fleeting bacteria,
finding an appropriate owner to manifest itself.

So it is in your mind or simply just the mind?
If it is just yours, how come I have it too?

Doesn’t it seem strange that we never questioned it?

Allowing it to come alive through us,
believing we are that.

If I was to be just an empty shell unfed by thoughts,
what would it be like for the rest of the days?

Would l be like the old lady sitting on the wheel chair
eyes staring blank into space with my jaw hanging half open?

If I did not have this body to delusionised myself,
would I be a little clearer of who I am?

Yet if I did not have this body to experience,
would I come close to even know what I am like?

Yet is it really the body that tells me who I am,
or the thoughts that make the body move beyond my control?

Is it really my will moving it,
or have I been delusional thinking that it was my will,
but truly just something else?

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