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Fundamental Honesty

Respect went up a notch for a beloved friend recently. His honesty about his current reality which was a past fear arising once again. Although at the back of the mind already knowing that it is unreal, my reminder did not alter his groundedness. He told me, “G, I cannot lie to myself. Even I may agree with you or try to con myself out of it by saying that it is unreal; but when it is real to me, I have to be honest and true to myself, and stay with the process by working with what is real to me right now.”

His honesty in admitting the realness of his reality to himself, and disallowing any past learning of what is unreal to disturb the process of what was arising in him was really commendable. Since already knowing and understanding how the whole game works, there was a natural trust that emerged accompanying his honesty of the realness of his reality – that the ‘realness’ of his reality will soon pass and dissolve hence allowing him to come back to see and realise the unrealness of it. That’s growth.

And of course, what he goes through; whether real or unreal; is really none of my business. But by my privilege of being able to be in the presence of such an honest quality – that’s love.

The other day, another beloved spoke how my apparent ‘level’ of honesty threatens him and reflects his ‘level’ of dishonesty within him. I didn’t know that there were levels to honesty where there is a more or less. The heart ached a little and tears fell, as if symbolising the sudden separation back into the game of duality. Yet, respect also went up a notch for this beloved though he may be oblivious to his own honesty when he admitted his own sense of occasional threat in my presence and his dishonesty within himself.

And if he can be honest about it, is there still dishonesty?                              

Even healers and psychics require honesty in a session in order to support the process of healing. If I truly wish to be healed, what and why else would I hide?

Mind always, always meet mind. Mind always, always meets itself.

The quality of honesty – an essential attribute, yet such a peril to many; obvious in all, yet also somewhat oblivious to most.

Some people tell me, I can’t or I am scared. I can understand that, because it is common to be fearful of what is unknown; or to be more true in this space, to be fearful of a knowing future, as if already predicting what will happen in the future. If you do not know, what is there to be scared of? If you already know, what is there to be scared of?

And then I don’t say a thing. I ponder and wonder if that prediction would be a projection of the future hence stamping the future reality for what is ‘predicted’ and thought now hence already bringing forth an imaginary future into the current now? Oh, I am sorry, please forgive me, I love you, thank you.

Is it necessary to be honest with others? In my experience, that can only happen when we are honest with ourselves. Then, is it necessary to express honesty to others? In my experience, only when necessary.

At the end of the day, is it about honesty with others, or about what happens in the future? Or does it start now, taking that baby steps to allow honesty to unfold in me, to bless myself with the some space of honesty to be honest with myself? That is, if I am truly serious about the business of liberation.  The thing is, am I truly that serious? Or at least, serious enough?

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  1. bullshitter says:

    Questioning what’s true is a useful approach when mind is spinning below the speed of sound. Above mach 1, all one can hear is the reflection of one’s own thoughts. Accelerate to mach 2 and spin off one’s center, no one spinning in such velocity, spins to a stop, only crash and burn in the blunt recognition of one’s own falseness. Just some bullshit to consider 🙂

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