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What is the point of learning the ways of meditation, awareness, inner inquiry, forgiveness or any other tools for that matter if I do not practise it?

Likewise, what is the point of me preaching it over and over again, if I do not live it?

Yet, talking the talk, walking the talk, and living the walked talked are three separate things.

Talking the talk is where I talk and talk and talk about it and that is all there is ā€“ talk.

Walking the talk is where I walk and walk and walk the talk and that is all there is ā€“ walking, without much talking.

Living the walked talked is where I live and live and live what I have walked of the talked as a manifested action of what is realised from the walked of the talked. Then, can a talk; whether verbal or not; be finally possible now because of a walked talked from living the walked talked.

Living the walked talked is, Love Wisdom in action.

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