Arrived, or Not

Don’t expect to go anywhere
because there is really nowhere to go.

As the teacher once said,
“sorry kiddo, there is just no graduation ceremony”

To think I have to arrive somewhere
is to believe I have somewhere to go
somewhere to arrive at
in the future
when the future itself
does not even exist.

For where is there to arrive
when I have arrived
here and now
wherever I am
exactly where I have arrived
and then I notice
indeed, I have arrived.

Whether I believe it or not
is another story I would tell
of how I have arrived
or how I haven’t arrive
of an imagined past
or an imagined future.

It seems like
I just have to realise
I have arrived
And until I realised
I have arrived
only always, and all of the time
I am still imagining a past or a future
totally missing
where and when I have arrived
hence making me not arriving
anywhere at all.

Strange, isn’t it?


  1. “Future” is a lie, I can confirmed it because “future” has no reality here and now in my direct experience and I don’t need confirmation from any third party authority – i.e. this revered guru or that best-selling author, whatever they can confirmed is just their experiences, not mine – so why bother?

    Have I confirmed what or who am I? If not, what or who have “arrived” when the day comes. If yes, I could clearly see a “lie” or an indication of “further.”

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