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Committed Wait

Some people say
‘I will wait for you’
Nice to be heard
Only to the fools

The wise would know
There is no such thing
As waiting only means
I’ve stopped living for you

For the one who hears
An innocent imposition
Suddenly bestow on him
A commitment not willing to be kept

What burden
One can’t even tell if dinner will be eaten
What more a lifetime
Of committing to another

What is being waited
Is it happiness, joy, love thereafter peace?
If it is so
Why the wait

How about
Just skipping the middleman
And start right now
With all that you’ve got?

4 Responses to “Committed Wait”

  1. Lynn says:

    I love this. touched my heart. =)

  2. Bullshitter says:

    “Just skipping the middleman” – GG

    Way to go … 🙂

  3. Achelis says:

    Straight to the point !

    There is no better time than Now !

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