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Bouncing Reflection

rambling away
verbal diarrhoea
suddenly, you turn away
a disconnectedness occurs
you have moved away
away with thoughts
away from me

pausing the rambling
where I am
judging you
pointing out to you
how you have moved away
from this moment
a little upset
a little agitated
and thankfully
you speak
how at times you noticed too
I move away

I defend
though subtle it seems
in sarcasm
making you wrong
“it’s your problem”
the thought says
there is a total believer in it, you see

in a moment of remembering
the stilled radar
turning inwards
beginning its ponder
the search for its own truth
balancing within itself
it smiles
at relevation
how you have responded
how the mirror has responded
my own response
the rambling away
verbal diarrhoea
as reflection to
my own disconnectedness
my own moving away
from me
in the moment
and then
the listening starts
and suddenly it is found
there is no possibility
of moving away
of disconnectedness
because it has come back
I have come back
and I am connected
joyful, once again
for the reminder
the sweet delightful
from that wee bit gone haywire
I am, afterall, what I see in you at this moment
and I am thankful for the mirror
for without it
I can’t see
without it
I can’t know
without it
I can’t die in my own delicious death
without it
I can’t be reborn

Ah… I love my mirror

2 Responses to “Bouncing Reflection”

  1. Psychotic Angel says:

    I love your mirror too.. err.. my mirror… our mirrors…
    Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the most insane of us all ?

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