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Love Me and You anyway

I will have to admit
That there are issues in me
That remains unresolved, unaccepted
I am still learning, you see
In this game called life
Lessons yet to be transcended
Learned and realised

Because I noticed that in me
And possess deep compassion for me
I cannot not project that onto you
And not experience the same for you
For what I am, is what I would see in you
It cannot be any other way
It is just the way it is
It is not really a choice
And I have come to peace with that

So you tell me
That perhaps you have fallen in love with the “wrong” me
And I smile a little
Because I understand where you are coming from
I’ve been there, you see
Expecting the perfect you
That ought to jive with what I thought you are to me
And time and time again I see
How you have your issues to learn from too
That I could never be the one
To free you from any of it
What more to hurry you to what I think is the “perfect” you

Like how I am accepting my non-acceptance of myself
And it is not that I am not doing anything about it
But can you too
Accept me for not accepting myself
In areas that I have not yet transcended my limitations
And love and accept me anyhow
Like how I love and accept you anyway

No, no…
I am not expecting you to
This is merely a request
And it is not for me to impose on you
I just noticed that it is much kinder to accept
The non acceptance of myself
And your non acceptance of myself
It just brings me back closer to myself
To begin that inner process within me

In this trying time I might be in
I am needing your support if that is what you would give me
I am needing your understanding if that is what you could offer me
But even if that is what you are unable to grant me
That is ok too
I am not any different from you, you see
Only perhaps now
I choose peace most of the time
And choose to love me and you anyway.

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  1. Lynn says:

    Dear GG, do you know that eversince the retreat, everytime i read your post, i hear your voice speaking to me and reading along your beautiful poems to me. Before was different, but now, like a little girl once more, i read your poems- smiling to myself at its’ creativity as if i am a child amaze with the picture-book’s colours. And everytime when i relapse and doubt myself, your entries lift me up and i learn another new wise-lesson again. Thank you for your beautiful work of art. =)

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