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Love Nothing & Everything

Love nothing about a person and you would have loved everything about the person. ~ GG

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  1. Grace Ng says:

    Expressions in Writing-
    Maybe there isnt such thing ‘truth’ as ‘truth’ is also what you believe (or not). Similarly, what is falseness? God gives us human the ability & freedom to choose, including choosing to believe it’s the truth or falseness. So, truth can be false and false can be truth unless we are the Creator.
    This has been ringing in my head and im laughing about it cos in the midst of confusion, yet i have to CHOOSE.

    • GG says:

      Yes indeed. A teacher once told me that the Creator gave us the greatest gift, which is free will, which also to mean, choice – yet, it is also the biggest curse. Haha!

      Welcome to the club!!

  2. bullshitter says:

    Can you be absolutely sure that there is free will (as in “my” will)?

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