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Passing Loneliness

Blessed O’ Souls
Whose only company
Is Loneliness

A passing phase
Is all there is
A momentary experience
Long or short

A moment defined
A split second, even a week
Void of its meaning
Just an instant beyond time

The fools camouflage
With company, activities
The wise stays with it
Listening to its’ cry

Yet let not
Loneliness be prolonged
For in an instant of a Holy will
The moment salvaged
Eternity remembered

Not for you, O Blessed Souls
But for charity of the Beloved One
Missing moments as expression
As good as omitting presence of the Sacred Beloved

To dwell in seclusion
Is to dismiss the Gift
Yet is the Gift, a blessing or a curse
Only in Spirit can a choice finally be made

So love Loneliness anyway
Since it is only an error made true
Though it may seem as if its under the nose
Surely you must know
It is what makes you, yet not really you.

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