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Recipe of I

I am experience
as in
I = experience
only but in moment.

what experiencer, what experiencing?

For experiencer denotes
separated ‘thing’
from experiencing
And experiencing denotes
continuously from moment to moment
crafting ‘I am experiencing’
as if capable
experience of sameness
from a different moment to a different moment.

Experience is
only an instant
arising and collapsing
entire happening
in one indefinable moment
as One.

Grasping experience
solidifying I as result
experience ceased
long gone.

why hold on to nothing?

Yet that too
is experience
as I
putting off precious life
as if capable of
culmination towards
One Big Experience
in One Big Moment
formulation of
One Big “I”.

sighs… as if, as if…

Resembling the game of Tetris
a playing field
comes a falling variation of blocks
fitting onto each other
mismatched or not
ending as effect
as experience
concluded “I”.

As game ends
used blocks all evaporate
“I” gone
what to do when conditions ripen
is it possible to mimic
the exact setup, once again?

Try and try
and experience
cry and cry
making, ahem, made “I” again!

One onto another
yet only one in a moment
holding up dreamy bubbles
oh burden, burden
albeit delusional.

Yet what to do
when no arisen experience
of awakefulness to the “I”
as experience?

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