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Voice of Feeling(s)

You make a mockery out of me
judge me
of how I fool you
lure you
seductively to the den
and rape you
even though
you are the one
grasping or resisting
your own
and dying
to my tune.

Your reviews of
if I should be or not be here
or even there
of how pleasure is pain
once again
denying what is brought up in you
your own error
the woes, the pain and suffering
as you call them
not seeing me as I am
simply inevitably making you believe
how I am your enemy
possibly making out other stories
to eradicate and eliminate me.

What I am
not a choice
but a culmination of conditionings
for whatever reason
and simply given birth
with or without your notice
yet you put a label onto me
either loving or resisting me
and then pushing me away
when I am only what I am
while your grasping and resisting
making pleasure equating pain
hence then weary of pleasure
strangely already in some kind of pain.

Whether to embrace me or not
as if you have a choice
yet you do not see
that it is not me that intensifies me
but your very own attitude
of how it should or should not be
another layer of condition
another layer of delusion
ignorance sets to create.

So whether you are attached or detached
both too are illusive
because you are already unconsciously attached to me
or unconsciously attached to detaching from me
either way you choose
what has it got to do with me
I am just taintless
here as effect
as an experience
ready to pass by
without your interference
simply saying ‘hello’ and ‘goodbye’
like good friends do
for the Wise and Innocent to enjoy.

For the Wise as in Wisdom realises
that en+joy simply means
encompassing joy
and not
entangling joy
if each experience is unequivocal
what is there to grasp or resist
what more attach or detach from?

It is simply not possible to do a detach from me
only pointing
if you are awake to me, or not…

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