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Words Spoken

Sweet Beloved
those words
‘relationship’, ‘strong’
such an understatement.

Without words
sweet tenderness
moving to expressions
yet again
tainting the pure
birthing dissatisfaction
of expressions inadequate
again and again
only failing
again and again
attempting to coil what is beyond
to a congruent concept
what cannot be pleased
what more understood.

Yet when no words spoken
how hence as reassurance
when the hearts are weary
when spirit is yearning?

Listen well oh ye listeners
listen up, wise and clear
to what is spoken
beyond words
of the speaker
piercing to the ears that listen.

Speak well oh ye speakers
speak up, wise and clear
with clean intentions
with skilful clearest
yet not too much, just enough
so that soon as the listener listens
beyond what is spoken
what is hence spoken received clear and crisp
free from distortion.

What is already known
speak no more, listen no more
but to the inner heart
where all projection falls
in the midst of a heart ache
freeing sweet beloveds
leaving them taintless
clean from distortion
returning only
to pure, sweet innocence.

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