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How easy it is
to be surrounded by
to get to know of the self
and to wake up from
amidst and amongst the unconscious.

Because the unconscious knows not how to refrain
knows not how to abstain
knows not how not to react
knows not how not to point their finger
how not to step into the dance with the self.

They speak, shout and act
according to how they feel as true
the harsher they are
the better it is
the more brutal
the easier to wake up!

Because they know not about themselves
they know not about the self
all they know of is
their unhappiness, anger and suffering
all reflecting back to the self
every inch of any conceptual truth.

And if the intent is to learn
if the motivation is to wake up
surely it can be seen
surely it will be awaken
as knowing of the self comes about
knowing them becomes a possibility.

Yet if, and only if
Integrity is at work
Honesty is at its entirety
Responsibility is taken fully
and not half way, midway
else it is a no way
or the highway
deeper and deeper sleep into sleep.

For you see
the unconscious do not refrain
the unconscious do not abstain
the unconscious irks you
the best they possibly can.

And after the awakening
what happens thereafter
so many possibilities
it cannot be certain
for each path its own curves
each its own traits
when in tuned with spirit
it is easy to tread.

But let us not forget the unconscious heroes
for it is through them
awakening supported
they play their role so well
else waking might only be minimal.

Slipping in between both states
unconscious teachers they may or may not remain
yet still loving unconditionally in every way
in an unconscious conscious state
until the Final Release.

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  1. Beautifully written.
    Hope you like my poems. šŸ™‚

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