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‘When we…’

Often, we receive emails on kind, touching articles of how one has inspired or uplifted another ending with a ‘when we…’ at the end of those articles – as in when we actually act on whatever that was prophesized in those articles. And what we do next is delete, keep them in the mailbox or simply forward them to our friends to share the beautiful articles. Seldom do we actually learn from or act on them.

Yet, who is to know when the forwarded emails actually reach one who is inspired enough to put what was in the ‘when we…’ into action and thus create a new reality for his or herself and to those around him or her?

The question is, when those emails reach our mailbox and when we read them, could it possibly be that we are ones called to act on it to make a difference to the world?

2 Responses to “‘When we…’”

  1. heartofbella says:

    I believe if someone sends you something with their words and beliefs behind it, then yes, YES it does mean that you are called to act. They are asking for your action, especially if there is a question or wondering about something…they want your opinion on the matter….I know I have send numerous emails to one and have never received a reply…it’s frustrating to no end b/c I had put time and effort into making it all sound right and never got a response…on the other hand if it’s simply a chain letter of sorts…then there is no required reply.

    • GG says:

      Yes.. you are right.. words and beliefs, and it is only beliefs speaking, beliefs expressing. Without them, what else is there and what use are there for words?

      And I am not saying there is no need to express, or to respond for simply – with the call for love, or an answer to love, where there the experience of Love to begin with especially in this world? But is not a no-word, no-belief, no-response also of Love save for our judgement and expectations of what is to come back? Is it not enough honoring what is true here and now, right here and now (whether to express or respond) sufficient at least for me hence making my expression or response already an end?

      Intentions and expectations are often subtle. It is best to be aware and discern what is appropriate for whatever action or non-action now determines the experience Now hence re-creating another next conscious moment, if. 🙂

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