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Our Innocence

If I am not seeing innocence in you
surely is it I
who is ignorant
since I am the one labelling you as ignorant.

Although I may not withhold
hang on or defend what I am about to share with you
but that does not mean Wisdom is full at this moment
which is obviously projected on you.

Hence when I begin to recognize your block to what I call your ignorance
I am recognizing my block to my own ignorance
once again re-establishing your innocence
also, reinstating my own.

For there is no ignorance
except what is not seen
and if cannot be seen
then how can ignorance be concluded?

Until I see what has been ignored or hidden
then the subtle darkness in the midst
shown upon by light once more
my mind swiftly being lit up
projecting onto you in clear sight
thus bringing you clarity
reflecting my own
and back to where and what you are
which is where and what I am

6 Responses to “Our Innocence”

  1. Psychotic Angel says:

    Such a å„ĒįžŽįš„芊…..

  2. mohsingilani says:

    Nice post.
    and i’ll drop a thought as well…..
    ignorance and innocence have a deep relationship.

    • GG says:

      Hi mohsingilani, welcome 🙂

      Yes, ignorance and innocence have a deep relationship which is causal. Because of innocence, ignorance came about; yet when the cause of ignorance is recognized, innocence is reinstated.

  3. “Until I see what has been ignored or hidden” – eh isn’t this ignorance since it has its root word “gnore”? 🙂 🙂 🙂

    • GG says:

      Ignorance is to mean ignore or to willfully neglect. In my experience, no one actually wishes to willfully neglect or ignore. That happens only because the cause to ignore or neglect is not yet recognize also can be said as hidden or obscured from sight.

      Hence, when it is recognized, innocence is reinstated.

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