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Prison Rupture

Keeping insane promises
tied from unremembered past
just because of an instant of confusion
a moment of unconsciousness.

And now talk about awakening, being awaken!!
Oops, perhaps not so lofty…
Probably just – being conscious
yet holding on and proposing excuses
of concepts, precepts, timing, whatever!!
Propelling the matrix tighter and tighter
even tighter than a virgin
“darn virgin” claims the bloke, “can you like, err… open up?”

Now! Now! Now!
The sleepy eyes now opening up BIGGER
What Twin Flame, What Soul Mate, What Choices
…either, both, nor…
driving further blasphemy, brother!!
Oh Puh-leasseeeeeee
break them all up, Your Majesty!!
So all can be free
so all can fleeeeeeee
from this darn world of delusional lovers and beloveds
and come back to
is there a word for it?

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